“Atlanta is a great city with many wonderful people and an inspiring history. But it must become that shining city on a hill once again. Atlanta has to believe that its reach is beyond its current grasp.”

Councilmember Andre Dickens Hosts Artwork from
Atlanta’s Homeless

ATLANTA – Atlanta City Councilmember Andre Dickens will host and provide comments at Storyscapes: Art from the Heart of the City – Tuesday, May 26 at noon in the City Hall Atrium. The art project features work from members of Atlanta’s homeless community. The exhibit was organized by the Central… 

Atlanta Councilman
Andre Dickens Remarks on
His ABI Budget Vote

As a board member of Invest Atlanta, I have enormous respect for the Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Board of Directors and the diligent staff that work hard everyday to fulfill the mission of this historic public development effort. Chair Somerhalder, elected officials, and all other board members do an admirable job… 

Sustainability Matters

This April, the City of Atlanta passed landmark commercial Energy Efficiency legislation. The goal of the legislation is to make Atlanta one of the most sustainable cities in the country. As Chair of the City Council’s Community Development Human Resources Committee (CDHR), this was hard work that required dedicated partners… 

Affordable Housing is Fundamental to Atlanta’s Future

Quality affordable housing is fundamental to the future of the Atlanta that I envision. As an Invest Atlanta and Atlanta BeltLine board member, it allows me to have a real impact in making more affordable housing in a reality for Atlanta residents, including potential homeowners along the Atlanta BeltLine. The… 

Looking Back at My First Year as Atlanta’s Freshman Councilman

As a first-time elected official I was excited and maybe even a bit idealistic about how I would be able to fulfill my campaign promises to be an active and engaged Councilman, if elected. Well be careful what you ask for because I hit the ground running on some key… 

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