“Atlanta is a great city with many wonderful people and an inspiring history. But it must become that shining city on a hill once again. Atlanta has to believe that its reach is beyond its current grasp.”

Atlanta is strong today because of its communities and the work of their leaders. Andre Dickens has worked hard to strengthen Atlanta communities and recognize leaders who have done so much for our city.

While on the Atlanta City Council, Dickens has:

    • Successfully created the John Lewis Memorial Task Force, resulting in the changing of Freedom Parkway to “John Lewis Freedom Parkway” and the upcoming permanent installation of a John Lewis memorial display at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.
    • Hosts regular “Movies in the Park” for families to enjoy a night together in an area park.
    • Served as Chairman of Community Development and Human Services Committee for 3 years.
    • Developed and funded the Community Leadership Institute Of Atlanta for 25 community leaders to receive proper training each year.
    • Hosted Neighborhood Jazz Concert in West Manor Park every year for neighbors to enjoy live jazz performances.
    • Created a Task Force to determine an appropriate manner in which to honor Congressman John Lewis.


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