“Atlanta is a great city with many wonderful people and an inspiring history. But it must become that shining city on a hill once again. Atlanta has to believe that its reach is beyond its current grasp.”

A proud product of Atlanta Public Schools with a daughter currently in the school system, Andre Dickens is passionate about education. His goal is to ensure that Atlanta youths are able to get the best education and achieve their true potential. Among his significant achievements in the past few years are the creation of the City of Atlanta/Atlanta Board of Education Joint Commission.

Here are just a few of Dickens’ accomplishments while serving on the Atlanta City Council:

  • Successfully created the City of Atlanta/Atlanta Board of Education Joint Commission.
  • Primary Councilman to help broker the APS/BeltLine dispute. Voted against BeltLine budget.
  • Hosted the Scholarship Academy and Fair at City Hall every November for over 500 high school seniors and juniors.
  • Revived the City’s Youth Commission to give youth a voice to government.
  • Passed legislation to establish Teen “Midnight” Basketball League which started summer 2017 with 120 youth.
  • Required new school zone light beacons as a part of Renew Atlanta Bond projects.


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