“Atlanta is a great city with many wonderful people and an inspiring history. But it must become that shining city on a hill once again. Atlanta has to believe that its reach is beyond its current grasp.”

A proud product of Atlanta Public Schools, a graduate of Georgia Tech and Georgia State, and the father of a daughter enrolled in APS, Andre Dickens knows the value of our public education institutions. Providing the youth of Atlanta the best education possible is key to helping them achieve their true potential.

Here are just a few of Dickens’ accomplishments while serving on the Atlanta City Council:

  • Added a 2 youth focused positions to the Atlanta Citizen Review Board for police accountability
  • Successfully created the City of Atlanta/Atlanta Board of Education Joint Commission.
  • Led the charge to return ownership of APS property deeds from the City to the school system.
  • Primary Councilmember to help broker the APS/Beltline dispute. Voted against BeltLine budget.
  • Hosts the Scholarship Academy and Fair at City Hall every November for over 500 high school seniors and juniors.
  • Revived the City’s Youth Commission to give youth a voice in government.
  • Sponsors the Teen “Midnight” Basketball League which started summer 2017 with over 120 youth participants.
  • Required new school zone light beacons as a part of Renew Atlanta Bond projects.
  • Hosted drive through lunch giveaways during Covid Pandemic. Handing out over 6,000 meals to families (Do we mention Janelle Monae and WondaLand?)
  • Hosted Back 2 School Bash, where over 1,000 book bags with school supplies have been given to APS students leading into the school year. 
  • Sponsored APS Get Our Kids Connected campaign supporting thousands of students attending APS who do not have internet connection and/or appropriate equipment for distance learning, by partnering with Comcast to provide free laptops and 12 months of free internet.


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