As Atlanta continues to thrive, Andre Dickens is working hard to secure affordable housing opportunities for all. While on the Atlanta City Council, Dickens has worked to hold developers accountable by passing legislation that requires affordable housing impact statements for city land development, and ensuring we protect housing affordability through inclusionary zoning practices.

Below is a list of what Dickens’ has done to fulfill his promise to Atlanta residents:

  • Successfully wrote and championed groundbreaking Inclusionary Zoning legislation requiring new rental developments in the BeltLine and Westside neighborhoods provide affordably priced set aside units. To date, IZ has created XXX new affordable units across Atlanta
  • Authored monumental legislation that requires any development receiving public dollars to produce affordable housing units.
  • Dickens’s legislation has become the model that is law now for Fulton, Dekalb, Invest Atlanta, BeltLine, and APS.
  • Created the fund and program to rehab senior homes along BeltLine Westside Trail and co-sponsored legislation creating the $40 million Housing Opportunity Bond.
  • Passed legislation that requires Affordable Housing Impact Statements for all land developments.
  • As Community Development Chairman and Invest Atlanta Board Secretary, we incentivized over 2000 affordable units.